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A sadly all too familiar story is that of the problem gambler who has taken steps to try and prevent themselves from giving in to their addiction but has been unsuccessful to their own and their family’s detriment.

Many gaming venues, with full knowledge of the damage problem gambling can cause, offer patrons inducements to gamble such as complimentary alcohol and services or ‘special benefits’, especially where the patron is considered a high roller, making it even more difficult for them to overcome their addiction.

Often patrons will seek a voluntary or mandatory exclusion order, or will ask the gaming venue to refuse to cash their cheques or not extend them credit, but will still be permitted to gamble inside the venue.

In some cases, the harm of problem gambling can extend beyond the patron and their family, and there have been many instances of problem gamblers stealing from their employer to feed their addiction. In such cases, the innocent employer often has no recourse to recover the lost funds, and the damage done to their business and personal life can be extensive.

Currently under Australian law, only in extraordinary cases is economic loss occasioned by gambling recoverable, and there have been no successful claims for breach of duty of care against a gaming venue. However, the door is not closed, and at Dormer Stanhope, we are interested in hearing from patrons who believe they have been unfairly taken advantage of by a gaming venue, as well as businesses who have suffered economic loss due to an employee seeking to fund their habit.

Problem gambling is a significant issue in Australia, and we believe the law requires development to address the significant harm caused to individuals, families, and the Australian community. If you or someone you know fits into either of the above categories, contact Dormer Stanhope today for a free consultation about the options you may have to recover your lost funds.

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