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Experienced Strategic.

Dormer Stanhope offers you what other firms struggle to provide; the expertise that comes with over 35 years experience in top tier firms, coupled with the personalised approach to client relationships only small firms can truly provide.

We pride ourselves on being an outcome-driven firm. Our effective and timely advice is a testament to our continued high success rate. At our core, we are passionate about the law. As a firm, and as legal practitioners, we thrive on having our technical skills challenged and tested.

Justeen Dormer has often been described as one of the leading legal strategists in Commercial and Tax Disputes.  This reputation is Dormer Stanhope's benchmark for success, going beyond the scope of standard legal strategising to ensure the highest level of success for ourselves and our clients.

Dormer Stanhope takes pride in the professional community it has created, both internally and externally.

At Dormer Stanhope we offer a rewarding client-centered service. We understand that clients value essential qualities in their solicitor, being; clarity, practicality, a collaborative approach and a high degree of understanding for their individual motives and objectives.​


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