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Dormer Stanhope provides our clients with specialised services in estate litigation. Our team is experienced in contesting, challenging, and defending wills, making family provision claims, and applying for probate or letters of administration.

We understand that the loss of a loved one raises emotional issues and can often drag up painful memories that extend back many years. We also understand how difficult it is sometimes to stand up for yourself and fight for your true entitlements. Being experts in the resolution of wills, we will manage the entire process for you, shouldering much of the burden of what is often a highly emotional and stressful time.

Dormers Will Dispute Lawyers

For more information on Estate Litigation, please visit our Will Disputes website.

Our team take pride in offering our clients personalised legal services that are tailored to their individual circumstances and ensure that their objectives are met.

As we believe every Australian deserves to have legal representation despite their financial situation, we offer our estate litigation services on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Enquire today for a free initial consultation with our will dispute experts.

Dormers Lawyers Testimonial

At a time of emotional upheaval it is refreshing to have people to take time to listen. I am only at the start of possible legal action but I have gained more knowledge and security in relation to this action than before. At another legal form I was charged $300 for one hours advice. I did not realise that firms like D/S offer the first appointment free.

Dormers Lawyers Google Review
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