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Insurance Disputes

Don’t fight Insurance battles alone - let us fight by your side.

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Our approach to insurance disputes is client-centric, focusing on providing a service that is founded on an in-depth understanding of our client’s individual circumstances and the practical and regulatory issues they face pursuing their claim.

With specific knowledge of all aspects of the insurance industry, our team ensures that our clients appreciate all the factors that weigh on their claim, enabling them to make the best possible decisions.

Statutory Insurance 

Statutory insurance claims typically involve seeking compensation or benefits under a compulsory insurance scheme mandated by law. These claims may arise in various contexts, including workers' compensation, and compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance, among others.

Denied Indemnity

Denied indemnity claims occur when an insurer refuses to provide coverage or indemnify the insured for a particular loss or event under the terms of the insurance policy. Such disputes can arise for various reasons, including policy exclusions, coverage disputes, non-disclosure, or breaches of policy conditions.

Cancelled or Lapsed Coverage

Cancelled or Lapsed coverage occurs when an insurance policy is terminated or becomes inactive due to reasons outlined in the policy terms. These situations can have serious consequences for the insured party, as they may be left without insurance coverage when they need it most.

With experience in litigation and all forms of alternative dispute resolution in both established and emerging markets, your insurance dispute is in safe hands when you instruct Dormer Stanhope to assist with your claim.

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