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Commercial Contract Disputes

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Contractual disputes are the most common form of dispute in commercial dealings, as a contract is usually the first step to conducting business. Often, commercial contractual disputes arise because one party believes the other has not complied with their obligations under the contract, one or more of the terms of the contract are unfair, or that the other party exerted undue influence in making the contract.

Sometimes, disputes occur simply because the parties have differing interpretations of what the contract requires, or because they have different terms of trade, and a question arises as to who’s terms should prevail.

There are various remedies available, and which is most appropriate will always depend on the circumstances of the matter, the relationship of the parties and the contract itself. An aggrieved party may wish to compel the other to perform their obligations under the contract, have their interpretation of the contract enforced, strike out a term in the contract, or have the contract deemed voidable.

Due to the legal complexity of contract disputes and the variety of remedies available, as soon as a dispute arises, the first step you should take is to obtain legal advice. Our team at Dormer Stanhope is experienced in all forms of dispute resolution and litigation. We have the skill and experience to identify the heart of your dispute, provide advice on the strength of your position, and negotiate an appropriate resolution. Where litigation is necessary, we have the expertise to take your matter to hearing.

If a contractual dispute has arisen in the course of your commercial dealings, contact Dormer Stanhope and we will help you gain an understanding of your options for defending yourself or pursuing a remedy.

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