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Probate and Estate Administration

Expert assistance for Probate - your peace of mind during challenging times.

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Why choose us?

Our team has extensive experience in probate law and a deep understanding of the specific requirements and procedures in New South Wales. We stay updated with any changes in legislation. This allows us to provide comprehensive guidance and support to executors, administrators, beneficiaries and interested parties.

When you choose Dormer Stanhope, you can expect personalised attention, clear communication, and strategic legal representation tailored to your needs. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of compassion and professionalism, ensuring you feel supported and informed throughout the probate process.

With years of experience in Succession Law, our team possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to handle even the most complex cases.

If you need assistance with probate and estate administration, contact Dormer Stanhope Lawyers today.

What are the different types of Probate Applications?

The main types of probate applications are:

Grant of Probate

When there is a valid will, and an executor is appointed. A grant of Probate must be obtained before the executor can legally manage and distribute the estate in accordance with the provisions of the will.

Letters of Administration with the Will Annexed

When a person dies leaving a valid will, but no executor is appointed, or the executor is unwilling or unable to administer the estate. An alternative administrator is appointed by the court to manage and distribute the deceased's estate according to the terms of the will.

Letters of Administration

When there is no valid will (intestate) and an administrator is appointed by the court to manage and distribute the estate according to the rules of intestacy, ensuring that the estate is handled properly and fairly.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process where the Supreme Court of NSW validates a deceased person's will, allowing the executor to distribute the estate according to the will’s terms. Without probate, the executor may face difficulties in managing and distributing the estate.

Drafting the necessary documents and compiling details of the deceased’s assets and liabilities, lodging the will with the Supreme Court and applying for probate.

Step 1


T​he Court reviews and validates the will; and the executor responds to any Court requisition.

Step 2


Upon approval, a grant of probate is issued, authorising the executor to administer the estate.

Step 3


The executor collects the deceased’s assets, pays any debts, and distributes the estate.

Step 4


Applying for probate involves lodging an application with the Supreme Court of NSW. The process typically includes:

How can we help?

At Dormer Stanhope, we recognise the importance of handling probate and estate administration matters efficiently and with the utmost sensitivity. By handling the legal processes involved in probate and estate administration, we aim to ease the burden on our clients, allowing them to focus on their families and personal well-being.

Free First Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation to fully understand your unique situation and to give you tailored advice and clear guidance on the probate process. We will explain your rights and responsibilities as an executor as well as the steps you need to take to obtain a grant of probate.

Document Preparation and Application Lodgment

We will prepare and handle all the required documentation and lodge the probate application with the Supreme Court. This includes drafting affidavits, identifying assets and liabilities and ensuring all paperwork complies with legal requirements.

Estate Administration

Once a grant of probate is obtained, we will assist with estate administration. This includes collecting and valuing assets, paying any obligations and taxes and distributing the estate to beneficiaries in accordance with the will.

Court Representation

If necessary, we will represent you in Court proceedings and fight for your rights.

At Dormer Stanhope, we understand that grieving the loss of a loved one is emotionally challenging. On top of that, navigating the legal processes associated with probate and estate administration can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Our experienced team of probate and estate administration lawyers in Sydney is dedicated to providing you with professional yet compassionate legal guidance through this trying time.

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