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Private Contract Disputes

Protecting your interests in every Contract Dispute

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When most people think of contractual disputes they think of dealings between businesses, however, the laws of contract underpin most of our daily interactions. 

Some of the largest transactions private individuals enter are subject to the law of contract, for example, buying a house, negotiating a lease or mortgage, or making a large financial investment.

Contrary to popular understanding, contracts do not have to be in writing to be enforceable and can exist purely as a verbal agreement between two parties or can be partly verbal and partly written. Often, private individuals will enter a contract without realising they are doing so, or will not be sure of how to enforce their rights against the other party when they feel they haven’t received what was promised.

If you have entered an agreement with another party and they haven’t held up their end of the bargain, the terms of the agreement are unfair, or you were forced to enter the agreement, you may have a right to a remedy under contract law. There are various remedies available to an innocent party and which is most appropriate will always depend on the circumstances of the matter, the relationship of the parties and the contract itself.

Due to the legal complexity of contract disputes, and the variety of remedies available, as soon as you believe there is or will be a dispute, the first step you should take is to obtain legal advice. Our team at Dormer Stanhope can help you understand your position, and the options available to you to remedy the dispute.

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