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Caring and Comprehensive Family Law Services. Protecting What Matters Most to You.

We offer services for a wide variety of cases, ranging from simple to highly complex. Our team possesses extensive experience in all facets of family law, including both collaborative and litigious approaches. Our team's comprehensive expertise is unmatched, making us a preferred choice for diverse family law matters.

Family Law

We offer support in various areas:


Drawing on our experience, we ensure the protection of your best interests and those of your children. We provide clear advice and take action on living arrangements, child support, and more. This includes the creation of parenting plans and consent orders.


Our family lawyer provide advice and support with the division of assets, consent order and financial agreements, litigation, valuation of assets including complex structures and entities.


Our family lawyers can help you strive for an early separation agreement to minimise costs and emotional distress. If reaching an agreement proves challenging, we are ready to represent you in court proceedings.


Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we provide assistance. In uncontested cases, take advantage of our online divorce service for a streamlined process. For contested matters, our team is well-equipped to guide you through the legal complexities.

Family Law Pathways

The initial action in any family law issue should be to consult a legal professional. This holds true whether you're considering separation, have recently separated, or have reached an informal agreement with your former partner. Understanding your situation and goals allows us to assess the potential risks and advantages, prioritise the welfare of any children involved, and present you with the most suitable options. Your unique circumstances and preferred approach to resolving the matter will guide our advice.

Available strategies for resolution encompass negotiation, mediation, collaborative practice, arbitration, and litigation.



A straightforward resolution might be achieved through direct negotiation, either between you and your partner or facilitated by lawyers. Our role includes drafting the necessary settlement documents once an agreement on financial and parenting arrangements is reached. Alternatively, after completing the disclosure process and discussing your options, we can negotiate on your behalf with your former partner’s lawyer. The timeline for this process varies based on the complexity of your case. If negotiations stall, exploring other resolution pathways may be necessary.



This involves you and your former partner engaging with a skilled mediator to work towards an agreement, often with legal support present. Mediation is applicable for both financial and parenting disputes. Should in-person mediation be impractical or unsafe, video mediation is an option. Effective mediation requires thorough preparation, including obtaining valuations and pertinent documents. Successful mediations conclude with the drafting and court submission of settlement documents. Our lawyers excel in preparing for and supporting clients through mediations.


Collaborative Practice

In this approach, parties and their collaboratively trained lawyers, alongside a neutral third-party Coach, aim to resolve issues without litigation. The focus is on respectful, cooperative problem-solving that addresses the needs and interests of all involved. This bespoke, process-driven method varies in duration to suit the family's specific needs.



As an alternative to court hearings, arbitration allows an arbitrator to make binding decisions outside the court system, offering a timely and cost-effective resolution. Our firm provides comprehensive arbitration support, including preparation and award registration.



When other resolution paths are exhausted or unsuitable, litigation may be inevitable. Our firm, recognized for handling complex family law cases, offers exceptional litigation support. Our skilled litigators aim to guide you through the process and, where possible, steer the case towards an agreement before reaching trial.

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