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Dispute Resolution

Expertise in every Dispute, Excellence in every Resolution

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At Dormer Stanhope we pride ourselves on our uniquely possessed combination of the knowledge and skill of a large firm, and the attention to client care that only a boutique firm can offer.

Dormer Stanhope offers an experienced and accomplished team with an exceptional track record in litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We specialise in:

Private Disputes

Dormer Stanhope specialises in confidentially handling a wide range of personal and sensitive conflicts, providing tailored solutions.

Commercial Disputes

We have expertise in business-related conflicts, employing strategic negotiation, arbitration, and litigation to protect our clients' interests and achieve favourable outcomes.

Tax Disputes

Dormer Stanhope has a strong tax disputes practice – an area that is becoming ever more important as Australian tax authorities adopt a firmer line on the collection of tax and enforcement of tax laws.

Insurance Disputes

The insurance industry is experiencing significant change and development as it becomes increasingly subject to regulatory oversight and reform. We understand the business of insurance as well as the legal issues that underpin the sector.

Our approach to dispute resolution is strategic, pragmatic, and client-centric. We work with our clients to provide dispute resolution strategies that are tailored to their unique circumstances and that ensure their objectives are met.

Our focus is on negotiating and resolving disputes before they escalate or significant costs are incurred. If early resolution is not possible, we have the experience and expertise to take your matter to hearing.

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