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Helping you protect your future in times of Insolvency

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Unfortunately, insolvency is one of the harsh realities of doing business, and in today’s uncertain economic landscape, more and more companies are being confronted with that reality. Due to the significant ramifications insolvency can have for companies, directors, employees and creditors alike, legal advice is always a sensible first step when you become concerned that a company you have an interest in is, or may soon become, insolvent.

As the owner of a company facing insolvency, you may benefit from advice on appointing an administrator or liquidator, responding to a statutory demand, safe harbour arrangements, restructuring, or defending against or commencing a winding-up application.

If you are a company director and you have reasonable grounds for suspecting your company is, or will soon become insolvent, you may be concerned about your personal liability and the possibility of civil and/or criminal penalties and require advice about how to insulate or defend yourself.

As a creditor, you may be seeking advice in relation to defending a liquidator’s preference claim, making an insolvent trading claim, issuing a statutory demand, recovering your secured interests, or recovering money from a business that is (or may be) insolvent.

Our team at Dormer Stanhope has experience acting for companies, directors, and creditors in relation to claims of insolvency, and can assist with finding the appropriate solution in your particular set of circumstances. Experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution and litigation, when we act on your insolvency matter, we will assist you to find the most appropriate solution in your circumstances in the most cost-effective way possible.

If you are the owner or director of a company undergoing financial difficulty and are concerned about your or your company’s position, or being pursued by creditors or the ATO, or if you are a creditor seeking to ensure they recover a debt, contact Dormer Stanhope today and see how our team can help.

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