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Tax Practitioners Board Disputes

Ensuring justice in Tax Practitioners Board Disputes cases

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Even tax experts sometimes need assistance dealing with tax issues, and Dormer Stanhope is here to help.

If you are a tax professional and are under investigation by The Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) in relation to an alleged breach of the Code of Professional Conduct, a false or misleading statement made to the Commissioner of Taxation, advertising or supplying services whilst not registered, or any other breach of the Tax Agent Services Act, despite your expertise it is always best to seek specialised legal advice as early as possible.

Often, the catalyst for an investigation by the TPB is a complaint made against a registered tax agent, BAS agent or tax or financial advisor from an existing or former client, however, a complaint is not necessary for the commencement of an investigation. If the TBP decide a formal investigation is necessary, whether as a result of their initial enquiries or because no enquiries were deemed to be required, they will issue a notice to the practitioner.

An investigation is deemed to commence on the issue of this notice, and the TPB generally must make a decision within 6 months, which is why early legal advice is essential. If a breach of the Tax Agent Services Act has occurred, the TPB will decide whether to pursue civil or disciplinary action which can have severe personal and commercial implications.

Whenever you have a dispute with the TPB as a tax practitioner, despite your expertise you should seek legal advice. Contact Dormer Stanhope today for advice and if necessary, representation to save you time and stress, and to ensure your legal rights are safeguarded.

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