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The Great Wealth Transfer: Estate Planning and Australian Baby Boomers' $3.5 Trillion Legacy

Estate Planning

The transfer of wealth from Australian Baby Boomers to younger generations is set to be the largest in Australia’s history, with an estimated $3.5 trillion expected to change hands over the next two decades. This massive shift, often referred to as the "great wealth transfer," is driven by the accumulated assets of the Baby Boomer generation, which include property, superannuation, and other investments.

Australian Family after Estate Planning discussion

This transfer poses significant opportunities and challenges. On one hand, it offers younger Australians a financial boost that can help offset rising living costs and economic pressures. On the other hand, it has increased the stakes in estate planning and heightened the potential for family disputes over inheritances.

As baby boomers pass down their accumulated wealth, effective and strategic estate planning has become crucial in ensuring that complexities that come with this wealth transfer are managed and family conflicts are avoided. It is important that boomers have clear wills and testamentary trusts to mitigate tax implications and protect assets. Transparency and open communication within families are key to ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth.

Overall, this wealth transfer has the potential to significantly impact the Australian economy and society, highlighting the importance of preparedness and informed financial management for all generations involved.


To get started with your estate planning and avoid potential pitfalls, contact our estate planning specialists at Dormer Stanhope today. They can help ensure your legacy is protected and your wishes are clearly communicated to your loved ones.


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